There is a lot of news and information on the health aspects of the virus. Your attitude and actions will depend on many factors including where you live, your age, occupation and your view of the risks. There are government guidelines and restrictions that vary by location.

We’d like to bring some attention to another segment of Americans being affected negatively, and offer suggestions that we think will fit with whatever personal decisions you make.

This involves the jobs and livelihood of our friends, families and communities.

Travel and Hospitality Workers

In addition to the health dangers, there are others having trouble during this time, particularly those in the travel and hospitality industry.  Many are in danger of losing their jobs and do not have the savings necessary to weather this.

How you can help:
Book and pay for your future events now: hotel accommodations, travel/transportation providers, event coordinators, etc. This slowdown will not last forever; you can save money and help people keep their jobs.
Support your local restaurants and stores. Buy gift certificates, order home delivery, takeout or drive through. Patronize during the slow times. And be sure to leave an extra large tip for those who depend upon them.

Entertainment and Sporting Event Staff

Support staff for these are huge, and we can’t forget that they’re going through a very tough time.

How you can help:
Many of these events are scheduled far in advance. Buy your tickets now, you have nothing to lose if the event is cancelled later. Help keep money flowing through this industry now.

Ripple Effects on Other Industries

Our economy is interwoven and there will be effects rippling through many other areas.

How you can help:
As much as possible within healthy guidelines, continue your normal activities, your patronage and economic activity. Within your capabilities, be creative and think of others who rely on you for their livelihood. Help them stay in business and keep going during the coming months.

The Elderly and Infirm

With their increased risk, many elderly and infirm are in quarantine – whether it’s self-quarantine or an imposed restriction on visitation to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Being separated from loved ones is hard.

How you can help:
Find a way to video-visit your loved ones that you can’t see in person. Use Facetime, Skype or one of the free video conferencing apps. If necessary, get a computer for your loved one. If you can, donate inexpensive, capable devices to nursing homes that need them and can share them with their clients.

See if the elderly or infirm that you know need help with supplies, food and staples.  Volunteer to deliver to them – leaving it at their door and being sure to exercise self hygiene prior. Be proactive, many won’t tell you or complain unless you ask - firmly.

Give an extra 'thank you' to those keeping us going

Doctors & nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, other healthcare workers and hospital support staff; grocery store employees, truck drivers, police and fire, EMS, postal workers and delivery people…

Please send us your ideas and suggestions so we can add them to this list.

For the latest government information and guidelines, go to the CDC Website:

Center for Disease Control Website