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CSG helps Realtors Selll More Homes

Do you have homebuyers with credit problems?

We've been helping Realtors for over 20 years. No matter the problems, we'll get your homebuyers on track to qualify for a home loan – and back to you. Refer your homebuyers to us and we'll keep you informed of their progress. Let us know if you have a preferred mortgage lender you want us to work with.

Have an Emergency?

Loan Rescue from Credit Security Group

Loan Rescue for Realtors

A Unique Service for the Real Estate Industry

Over 18 years experience with mortgage loan programs, credit data and FICO© mortgage credit scores.

We're experienced in all aspects of mortgage lending: down payment options, debt-to-income ratio needs, reserve needs as well as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Automated Underwriting systems.

We analyze all aspects of the loan and homebuyer capability and determine what is possible and how soon, working with realtor, borrower and lender to close mortgage loans – fast.

Plan, execute, monitor and deliver, from start to finish, we average 25-70 days, and as quickly as a three business days.

There is a big difference between a credit repair company and a credit analyst. I have been in the real estate business over 11 years and have not seen any firm like Credit Security Group. The best credit fix source in the business. The results are absolutely amazing! The best I have ever seen hands down!

Kevin Dydalewicz

Broker/Owner, Edward Thad Realty & Associates

Loan Accelerator

From No Loan to Closed Loan – Fast

One Goal: Return your homebuyer to you ready to buy.

We interview, qualify and educate your referral, analyze their credit, determine how to accomplish a successful loan, create a plan, guide your client. We communicate with creditors and CRAs via telephone, track and monitor tradeline updates and get your buyer back to you ready to close.

Speed is our product.

Our average service time is 25 to 70 days, much faster if you're willing to rescore. We have achieved loan goals as quickly as 3 days.

We back our work with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

I am a real estate agent and my go to lender has always raved about Eddie Johansson. Well I am now a big fan. I had a client with accounts that weren't his and several collections. In less than a week CSG raised my client's score by 100 points. Yes, 100 points.

Denise Harper

Close Loans Steps

Included Services

Game Plan Check

Have a buyer, lender and gameplan? We'll analyze it and tell you if it will work. Don't chase a losing strategy! We'll tell you what is really possible.

Dispute Wording Removal

Dispute Wording is a hidden killer in many mortgages. We're experts in removing dispute wording while protecting the mortgage score from decreases due to their removal.

Loan Rescue

Have a signed purchase contract that is now in danger due to credit problems? Need help fast?

Pre-approved now Approved Ineligible or Refer with Caution?
We can get data changes within 72 hours. Call us and get the top experts on your case to analyze all aspects of credit and loan requirements. Immediately. We'll tell you what is possible. At no cost. We guarantee our results.

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I can’t thank you enough for your incredible customer service, knowledge and attention to detail. 
You have an incredible operation. I have been nothing but impressed, and every referral I send says the same thing. The best part of my job is helping good people and you do a lot of that.
Thanks again for all you do.

R. Devlin McNamara

Vice President
, Bank of America Mortgage


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The experts in credit scores for mortgage loans.

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