Green Dot Bank Secured Credit Card

The Green Dot primor® Visa® Classic Secured Credit Card is the only secured credit card recommended by Credit Security Group.


What makes this card the best secured card on the market?

  • Based on our experience, this is by far the fastest reporting card: as fast as one week, less than 30 days every time;
  • As low as $200 security deposit;
  • No inquires on your credit report;
  • It is a bank credit card, the best for FICO scores.

How should the card be used to increase your score?

  1. Don't charge anything until  after you receive – and pay – your second bill.
  2. When you receive the first month's bill, pay the amount minus $10. Leave a $10 balance on the card. (The first month's bill will be your yearly fee for the card.)
  3. When you receive the second month's bill – and from then on – pay the full amount by the due date and use the card once a month for a $10 or less purchase.
  4. Every month after you receive the second month's bill, pay the account to zero and charge $10.