In preparation for refinancing my house, my mortgage broker recommended I contacted Credit Security Group to analyze my credit in an effort to address some of the derogatory entries in my file.

I’ve disputed negative entries on my own before through the credit bureaus and thought I was pretty well-versed on how to do it. Therefore I was somewhat skeptical as to what Eddie could teach me that I didn’t already know. Fortunately, the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realized how much more there always is to learn.

From the very first telephone call he was very informative, professional (but not stuffy), and upbeat, solution-oriented. The consultation itself was very well put together and adapted around my actual credit report. The credit system was thoroughly explained to me and presented in an easy to understand and flowing fashion, teaching me about what the entries meant that appeared on my credit report and how each was affecting my credit rating, both positively and negatively. The consultation was actually fun, which was unexpected.

Eddie took the time to address any and all questions or concerns I had, and did so with patience and with the goal of not only specifically addressing the actual blemishes on my credit, but improving them and in some cases resolving the issues and/or eliminating them, thereby increasing my credit score.

It was refreshing to know that this is a respectable, professional business with the objective to help others that want to help themselves. I’m relieved that Eddie is a professional credit analyst and not a person running a fly-by-night credit repair scam.

I feel confident that I will be positioned in a couple of months to refinance my ARM mortgage, feel empowered to handle my finances and have a sense of pride that I don’t have to be a victim due to my ignorance any longer.

Kim H.