Credit Security Group is Outstanding!

I learned so much through the process of having them take on our credit issues. The team worked diligently to handle matters, and we were kept in the loop throughout the entire process.

It was an easy process as our goals were thoroughly described to us and we knew exactly what would be necessary to achieve the score we were aiming at. It does take self control and diligence to accomplish any goal you seek, and with credit it is no different.

This whole process was highly informative for me. I am now better equipped with the knowledge needed to better manage and handle my credit going forward, as well as my rights and the proper way of handling harassing debt collectors – which is beneficial for us for the rest of our lives. Every person working with us honestly proved to be caring about the situation we were in and the goals we wanted to accomplish.

They did not judge us, and instead provided motivation and much needed assistance. Any question or concern of mine was addressed and resolved quickly, never leaving me waiting in suspense for a response. I highly recommend Credit Security Group! The initial consultation will be one of the most eye-opening and life changing experiences you will have second to getting married, having a child, or buying your first home!

Michelle & Brett
Dallas, Texas