Although Kevin said we were approved last week, that was only through the automated system and we still had to get through the underwriters. Well, he told us today that we’ve been approved by the underwriters as well! So, although it’s difficult for me to believe, looks like we can finally move forward to buying a house…maybe even my dream house!

I want to thank you and your team for all you’ve done to assist us thus far. I know I’ve not always been patient, and this has been a really difficult trial for me, but you did what you said you could do and I want you to know I sincerely appreciate all your efforts.

I want to say that one of the questions the underwriters had about our derogatory credit history was how do we know we won’t find ourselves in this situation again. I was happy to tell them that YOU had us watch a video about credit and how good can go bad very quickly. And that you then went over the video with us to make sure we understood it all before you’d do anything on the credit repair.

I was able to tell them that we learned a lot from that tutorial and we certainly won’t do anything on OUR part to get in that situation again. We’ve even been educating our friends and family on what we’ve learned, thanks to you!

Katrina S.
Houston, Texas