My husband and I were referred to Credit Security Group by a loan officer. Our goal was to purchase our first home, with a VA Certificate. My husband was 4 pts from where he needed to be. It was requested that I pay $1,100.00 on one of our credit cards. It was devastating when my credit shot up however my husband’s only went up 1 pt.

We and the mortgage company could not understand what was going on. The mortgage company said don’t do anything until you talk with Credit Security Group. The mortgage Company did not want us paying another $1,000.00 with the same results.

Our file was turned over to Credit Security Group and we agreed to their terms to help us. By the fourth business day, my husband’s credit score jumped over 660!

The mortgage company called and looks like we should be closing in 30 days. Credit Security Group is so amazing. Trust them. God sent Blessing. Wonderful. Yes!!!

Lisa W.
Fort Lee, Virginia