I was referred to Eddie by a gentleman who was helping me try and secure a home loan. My friend kept ranting about how wonderful Eddie was, and that Eddie know everything about this. I remembering rolling my eyes and thinking: “Great – I have to pay someone else.”

While I did have to pay, it was more than worth it. Eddie is remarkable at his job and extremely knowledgeable! He provides a video to watch that is actually not boring; and is very informative. I have ADHD and was actually able to sit through the entire video!

When I spoke with Eddie on the phone, what I immediately got from him was his passion. He actually enjoys this stuff; it’s almost like a drug to him. He helped me navigate my credit scores, understand them and got almost as excited as me when a miracle happened for my credit report!

I have to add how patient he was with me. He knew he was talking to someone who had a very limited knowledge about credit (and let’s be honest, someone with very little interest.)

I will always recommend Eddie for anyone that needs his services, there is not a doubt in my mind that he is capable of not only doing his job, but also explaining the reasoning behind the numbers; and, actually caring about his work!

Thanks Eddie!

Brynn O.
Dallas, TX