Dear Roz,

My family and I would like to let you know how much we appreciate the help that you and your group provided in helping us realize our dream. Home ownership had been something that, for years, we could only dream about. But, thanks to you and Credit Security Group we are now living the dream.

The things I appreciated most about Credit Security Group were their honesty, timeliness and passion with which they worked. It was as if they made my credit their personal mission. I still can’t believe how quickly things happened. Once they reviewed my situation, I was told that it would take about three rounds before I would be ready to buy a home. Well, we started the process in April and we were moving in by August – wow.

Having purchasing ability brings a feeling of freedom and excitement. I went into one of my favorite stores (Home Depot) after purchasing our home and was approved for credit on the spot. The feeling of being able to do that is incredible. When I had credit problems I felt like I was chained down or boxed in. It really bothered me because I have a family who depends on me for their well being. So, to have that monkey of my back feels great.

I would highly recommend CSG to anyone who may need help with their credit – they do exactly what they say.

Thanks again Roz and CSG and do come by and see the results of your hard work.

Gratefully yours,