I’m more than happy with the decision I made to work with Credit Security Group! Work with? Yes, you will be educated and do your part, if you want to achieve the best results.

Eddie and his team want you 100% vested in the process. From my first meeting with Eddie I was impressed with his knowledge and confidence. Everything he said was going to happen, happened.

The second month in my score started to improve. My goal when I met with Eddie was to take my credit history back and own a new home. My score has improved 120 + points and yes, I have taken that credit history back in a big way!

Ashley was also a big help with keeping me on track and updated on the process. Most of the time in life you get what you paid for and you will get what you pay for with CSG!

One more thing, just last week I put money down on a new home that is being built from the ground up… feels so good!

Thank you Credit Security Group!

Rich F.
Dallas, Texas