Thank you and the rest of the fantastic team at Credit Security Group!

Our credit score had dropped to the mid 500s and we were over $10,000 in debt. We wanted to buy our first home but were continually turn down. We tried two so-called credit repair companies, but we spent a lot of money with no results. We tried doing some things on our own, but without any guidance our progress was slow to none.

After we talked to Reggie at Credit Security Group I could tell immediately that this company is something special. Reggie answered any and all of our questions in detail in ways that we could understand. Suddenly it all made sense and we knew exactly what we needed to do! Reggie’s enthusiasm and genuine concern with our situation gave us the confidence and encouragement that finally we were going to be able to resolve our mess.

Within 5 months we were free of our old debts and our credit scores were up in the mid 600s. We were able to qualify for a home loan based on our credit scores alone at 6.00% fixed rate! It all happened so fast it really surprised us. It is truly a dream come true for us and we are looking forward to moving into our new home any day now.

Forget about those credit repair companies and go with Credit Security Group and they will change your life. Thanks again Reggie and everyone else at CSG for all of your hard work and dedication. We couldn’t have done it without you and thanks to you we are finally living out our dream!

Clinton and Lily B.