You know how long Bob and I have been wanting to have a home out in the country on a few acres. When we first contacted you, we were ready to move forward with you for several reasons. You sounded so confident that you could help us, you were very professional, and you were extremely nice to talk to and work with.

You made Bob and I felt comfortable working in an industry that we had heard awful things about.

After four months through conversations on the phone and through email with you it seemed like with the credit results that Bob and I were getting, it appeared our dream was close. When you called to say that Eddie wanted us to go back to our loan officer to see if our scores were where he needed them to be, I will tell you we were very nervous.

The day they ran the credit check, it was only about an hour when they called back with a pre-approval. That sounded great to me. Tell Eddie along with you, Rosalind, that you all at Credit Security Group have done a great job and we will refer you to anyone the may need your service. You have done a wonderful job in helping us cleaning the past up.

Thank you all.


Bob and Kathy G.