You and your crew are an asset and a valuable organization to do business with. The whole process from start to finish has been a breeze. The education alone that you provided is worth it. My father introduced me to Mr. Reggie Rice and had worked with Credit Security Group in the past with great success.

I made the call, scheduled a consultation and the rest was downhill.

When I set out to purchase my first home, I was unaware of the importance my credit score had on one of the most important financial decisions I’d ever make. Denial for credit, high interest rates, and thousands of dollars in interest payments opened my eyes. I knew I was worthy but mistakes I made at a young age were still present, haunting me and keeping me from owning a home.

When we began I had a median score of 556. Within eight months that score was 680. That was more than enough to qualify for 100% financing and a low interest rate. Today my score is above 700 and with the knowledge I now have, it continues to rise.

It doesn’t end there. The results are addicting. Although my scores continue to rise in small increments, the pace is not fast enough for my new goals. Times have changed and 680 doesn’t get what it used to. I want the 740! With the help of CSG, I have complete confidence that I will achieve this goal in the very near future.

Thanks to all involved,

Gene M.