I have been a hard working professional for 26 years. Over the course of 2 years where I sold my business for a loss, and then subsequently got a divorce, my usually “fair” credit score (mid-600s), dipped to a mid-score of 511 early in 2008.

I was in a tough situation. I was a business man who was denied credit from all sources. I tried selling my house for working capital, but was told by several financial institutions that I would not qualify for a mortgage if I wanted to buy another one. It had reached such a point of desperation that I visited with 2 separate bankruptcy lawyers (Lufkin and Longview). The latter encouraged me to put off bankruptcy as long as I could and to work with someone to bring my credit back in line. I needed purchasing power both personally and professionally. One of the mortgage institutions I had worked with gave me a card from Rosalind Johansson of Credit Security Group.

She met with me in my office in April, 2008, where we reviewed the seriousness of my situation. At that time I owed nearly $180,000.00 to 15 different credit cards, and my Mid-score run by Rosalind was 511. Between April ’08 and July ’09, the Credit Security Group worked all my accounts and negotiated buyout payments. The process was nonstop. After each transaction they made triple sure it was reflected positively by the credit reporting agencies. These ladies work with me constantly during this period. At last, in July ’09 the process was over.

I vowed that I never wanted a credit card again… But that was contrary to the advice from the Credit Security Group. They insisted that fastest way to retrieve my credit was to “wisely” use credit. After much arguing, I was convinced on getting 3 small balance cards which I use for incidentals.

It was a nightmare for me to have to receive collection calls at home and my office, 24 hours a day. I am so glad that I did not go the bankruptcy route, and called Rosalind and her group. My credit score just a month ago, when I bought a car, was “753”! I had never seen scores this high before… EVER! In 20 months they brought me up 250 points.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman – Rosalind and the Research team at Credit Security Group had more than surpassed all my expectations. I am now in good position to move forward with my life.

I have no reservations in recommending this team of professionals to anyone wishing to improve their credit scores.

With my gratitude,

Charles E.