Many of us have been through it: because of mismanagement of our own finances, some family misfortune, or a combination of both we end up in a poor credit situation where there truly seems to be no way out.

You feel like a loser and every one seems to look at you like a loser. Run into any situation where somebody is going to run a credit check and you are out of luck. Communication with any financial institution is only going to end up in one place.

That’s where my wife and I were. I was in the process of trying to repair my credit rating, making some progress but very slowly. A situation came up in which we were really wanting to buy some property. Even though my job situation had dramatically improved our credit rating was still in a shambles.

Nothing was going to happen until that number was drastically changed for the better. A certain local bank had just refused our request for a loan.

Very fortunately for us the loan officer we were working with proposed a solution. He had a trusted business acquaintance who’s job it was to analyze credit history, credit problems, and then work on your behalf to improve the credit score. He put us in touch with Eddie Johansson of Credit Security Group.

The short story is that Mr. Johansson and his analysts went over every bit of information on our credit report. They then persistently and aggressively communicated with the appropriate financial institutions, including the credit reporting agencies, to gradually up our credit number. They accomplished in about 6 months what I still would be working on 4 years later. There was no magic. It was just hard work and financial insight working on our behalf. Another thing that impressed me was Credit Security Group’s insistence on education – improving your understanding on how credit scoring works, how to improve it, and how to keep it that way, before starting anything else. This was accomplished with the video “Credit Scoring and FICO Scores”.

Bottom line is, although we eventually decided against that property, we did find another that we liked better. This property was owned by the same local bank that had refused us previously. They gave us the loan and were eager to do it. The look on my wife’s face as we prepare to move into our first home says it all.

Thanks, Eddie!

Dan G.
Elizabethton, Tennessee