I would like to share with you briefly how my husband and I came to know Reggie at Credit Security Group, and how their services helped us purchase our home.

Our goal was to purchase a home with an interest rate that was competitive and would allow us to purchase a home we would enjoy and want to stay in. Our mortgage specialist wanted us to get the home we wanted. She referred us to Reggie Rice at Credit Security Group to help us bring our credit scores up high enough to purchase a home with a competitive interest rate.

When we first contacted Credit Security Group our credit scores were in the mid 500s. Reggie was very confident that through their proven systematic plan, we would be able to get the interest rate we wanted in 90 days.

Through the diligent efforts of Credit Security Group and Reggie Rice, our credit scores are now in the high 700s and we are pre-qualified to purchase a home with a very competitive interest rate.

Reggie’s reassurance and patience helped us through a very uneasy and apprehensive time. I would highly recommend the services of Credit Security Group to anyone who is faced with paying high interest rates, or who is not able to qualify for a loan due to low credit scores. Contact him. He will be a strong advocate for your case and will show you how their system works and how it can work for you.


Jim and Amy C.