There are no words to express our gratitude for you and your company. We have spent years trying to clear up our credit with attorneys who offered empty promises ($3,000 spent) and credit companies that charged us thousands of dollars only to find out they hindered us more than anything.

Since 2007 my husband and I have been in the crazy volatile real estate market (and still are, I know, please don't say it, we are nuts!). And we were hit hard from a credit standpoint. We have been renting homes ever since due to our credit scores.

I truly believe, if we had met Eddie and his team years ago, we would have been able to purchase a home of our own much sooner than now.

Once we hired Eddie, he educated us about the industry, was extremely professional and honest with us and after feeling like we could trust no one, it was a welcome sign. He gave us the best and worst case scenarios and masterminded with his high-level team to figure out the best way to raise our credit score given our situation and we were on a tight time-frame!

What make’s Eddie really unique beyond his mastery of his craft is his knowledge or mortgage lending; specifically the “black-box” of the Automated Underwriting Systems of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  His strategy here is truly the gold that helped us get the loan approved,

He came through for us in a matter of days, less than 8 days from meeting him, we were approved! And he was able to raise our credit score around 20 points to help us qualify for better loan terms.

After getting such awful advice from others and feeling taken advantage of, finally, this was someone who truly cared and advocated for us and our family and we are forever grateful!

We are finally homeowners again and it's largely due to Eddie and his team who put our interest at the forefront while delivering honesty and results.

Diana Davis at Benchmark Mortgage referred us to Eddie and their team working together was top notch!

If you are thinking of hiring them, without a doubt, you will be in great hands!

Wendy E.
Austin, TX