I took time out to write this letter because I want you to know how much my husband and I appreciate all that you and Credit Security Group have done for us.

When we started with CSG in January, we had some serious issues on our credit report. We were told that we were going to close on our dream house in late March or early April and we knew that this takes time, but we were willing to try anything. As soon as Reggie heard of our closing time, he and his team went straight to work. We did everything we were told to do so that it was truly a team effort.

My husband and I could not believe how many points our scores jumped with Credit Security Group working on our credit. We had to reach a certain credit score to receive 100% financing and with prayer, CSG and doing what Reggie told us to do, we achieved our goal.

Not only was Reggie concerned about helping us get our dream home, but he was concerned about our future credit scores. He has implemented strategies for us to continue to improve our credit scores. I thank God we found out about Credit Security Group.

My husband and I highly recommend their services.

Kevin and Lashunda H.
Pearland, Texas