I wanted to send this email to thank you for taking the time to meet with me to consult on achieving my financial goals.

I met with you back in October, and the credit report you had pulled for me is dated 10/14/2013. I told you when we met that my short term goal was to purchase a newer vehicle in the next three to six months, and my longer term goal was to purchase property in the next three or four years.

I admittedly had not been confident that I could work my way through my credit situation at the time, but from meeting with you, you outlined a plan for me that gave me confidence to begin taking back financial control.

I was able to follow the plan you outlined and did a little additional work myself from what I learned during our consultation. You said that I would see a 40 to 60 point jump in my Equifax credit score by settling certain accounts, and I have in fact, seen a jump just over 60 points. I was able to purchase a car yesterday with an interest rate 8% lower than my previous automobile loan! Each of my other credit scores also improved accordingly, and I am no longer reported by any of the credit bureaus as “High Risk.”

I was able to get a secured credit card as we discussed and have been charging a lunch a month and making on-time payments to reflect my ability to manage revolving credit. Now with the automobile loan, I will be able to do the same to reflect my ability to manage an installment loan. I believe this will take me to my goal of buying property in the next three to four years.

This is my testimonial that it works. With the plan you outlined and a little discipline, I am in a position I did not imagine four months ago. I appreciate you sharing your expertise with me. I would highly recommend that anyone that is truly ready to take back financial control spend the money for a consultation with you, because my return on investment has far exceeded the cost!

Thank you, Eddie!

James S.
Dallas, Texas