I highly recommend Credit Security Group’s services to anyone with a less than perfect credit score

I was referred to Eddie after finding out I was denied a lower rate on my mortgage refinance due to an average credit score. I was desperate to have a higher score so I could take advantage of falling interest rates and thereby lower my monthly payments.

A top-tier credit score was essential, and not having one was holding me back from my personal financial goals. I tried to improve my score myself by fighting collection agencies on credit derogatories, to no avail.

When I heard what CSG was able to do for my friend, I was very pleasantly surprised and relieved to know that my score wasn’t set in stone for the next few years. From my first contact with Eddie and his team, I have been so impressed with their professionalism and integrity, and am overjoyed with the result. They improved my score by over 100 points in just a couple of months!

This was some of the best money I have ever spent. I am so grateful to have hired CSG.

Loren H.