First of all I want to say a big Thank You to Eddie Johansson and Reggie Rice.

When I first heard about Credit Security Group, I was a little hesitant, but with the results and dedication that I’ve seen, I would have to say they are the best credit consulting company out there. My scores jumped more than 100 points within the first 45 days. That just shows the impossible could happen.

Since I’ve signed with CSG, I’ve referred about five of my closest friends to them. I’ve heard nothing but great things from them. I mean, they were so happy with how Reggie treated them and how wonderful their results have been. We have all been spreading the word around about this great company. The best thing is that we just got started!

Lastly, I really appreciate what Eddie and Reggie have done for one of my friends. They went out of their way to answer endless questions that we had. I mean this was the best customer service I’ve seen in long time.

They have taught us so so much about the credit system. It’s unbelievable how much knowledge they have and how well they can explain it to their clients.

They have exceeded my expectations!

Thuy N.