Just wanted to take a quick moment to express my gratitude and pleasure with your company. I first contacted Credit Security Group in May when I applied for a mortgage and was denied due to numerous issues on my credit report.

This shocked me as I just purchased a brand new SUV. My loan officer suggested I contact Credit Security Group as he has had success in the past with Eddie and his team. I was very reluctant to notify one of those “fix your credit” companies. I did my research and found out it was not another one “of those.”

I was very impressed with my first contact with Eddie and Eric. They took their time and explained to me in depth the process of restoring and maintaining credit in your life. Dismissed a lot of myths and rumors. That phone call alone helps me to this day managing the messy credit world. The next thing that happened was the credit reports run and a plan developed.

I will not lie in telling you that a lot of work is required from you if you want results. You can’t throw some money at these guys and experience miracles. If you put in your fair share though, miracles will be done by the great guys and staff. Eddie talked to me about what he WILL fix, and predicts the time frame and new FICO scores. I will tell you I was very pleased as the loan was secured long before the initial time frame given was up.

I can go on forever about my experience with CSG. Let me sum it up. Applied for a mortgage and was denied. Contacted Eddie after much doubt only to have my score along with wife’s score raised by 90 and 105 points respectively. Closed on our new home within 4 months of first contact, of course there were some hiccups!

Originals, payments, faxes, deadlines, rapid re-scores, they did it all. Whatever negative issue surfaced, Eddie put it back into the ground! We had the scores needed for the loan an got the green light at the loan Officer’s desk when a negative mark appears and we are turned down again! Within 5 minutes Eddie and his team had the issue sent off for repair, 3 days later we were locked in, closed 21 days after that, and sleeping in our new home now! This was a dream that was shattered four months ago at the mortgage company and Eddie and crew made this dream a reality.

No matter what your situation or score, if it can be fixed and your mortgage secured, CSG will get it done. My wife and I are both business professionals with 3 beautiful children. We hit a hard spot a few years back, had some unlawful acts committed against our credit, and through all that I still write this testimonial from the desk in my brand new house. Don’t waste another minute, contact this miracle worker and his angels now and get that much closer to your American dream.

Grateful and Blessed AMERICAN DREAM home owners,

Jason P.