What a team!  I not only got a house, but their work will have cost me nothing in the end.

I want to thank Rosalind and her team of experts, including Federal Attorney Dennis McCarty, for helping me improve my credit score so that my family and I were able to close on our new home last week.  Needless to say we are all so excited about the house.

I was referred to Rosalind by my loan officer who has worked closely with Rosalind for over six years.  Rosalind and I had our Credit Security Analysis and their FICO Video was worth the price alone.  Then we met and went over my entire credit report and Rosalind advised me on what had to be done and then put a very detailed plan together to accomplish our goals based on score needed and the FHA Loan we wanted.

My situation was complex but it all seemed easy for Rosalind.  I put my trust in her and she accomplished everything.  Rosalind was always available for me when I called and answered all my emails right away.  She also kept my loan officer up to date on the status of my file.

I also want to thank Eddie Johansson, he may never know how much he really put me at ease after our phone conversation half-way into the process… it was the difference between losing my mind and almost wanting to give up on our dream home. But, after talking to Eddie, I was more determined than ever.

The situation I talked to Eddie about involved two accounts on my report; one was accurate, one was not.  The accurate account was a “problem” to the loan officer and when I talked to Eddie he told me that my loan officer was mistaken on the FHA guidelines and that this account would not be a problem.  He communicated this to the lender and sure enough he was right!

The inaccurate account was not budging, and again, not a problem based on guidelines as the lender thought so I was able to still close on my loan.

Rosalind got me in touch with the McCarty Law Firm and at no charge a federal lawsuit was filed.  When this lawsuit is complete, which should be soon, I will get back in damages all the monies I paid CSG to help me and then some!

Thank you Rosalind, Eddie and team.  You all truly care about your clients getting in their new homes.   I will highly recommend Credit Security Group to anyone who needs their services.  Trustworthy, honest, dedicated and THE BEST!

This truly is our dream home, one of the best homes my wife and I have ever owned in over 30 years!

Steve O.
San Antonio, Texas