Dear Rosalind,

Cesar and I just wanted to take a minute to Thank You for all that you and Eddie have done for us.

At first Cesar and I were not so sure that we would be able to get into the home that we truly knew that was meant for us. Then after being turned down from a lender, we were referred to Credit Security Group, and boy after talking with you, Cesar and I knew we would be in our home.

Credit Security Group only had 2 months to work with us. We needed 60 points to qualify for a loan. We thought it was hopeless.

Within two days, Rosalind had already sent our forms over to Research Department. Things had already started happening for us in about 4 to 6 weeks. Rosalind was always on top of things and was always able to answer any questions that we had, and if she was not able to answer them she would make phone calls to Parkside lenders to get our answers and get back to us very quickly.

We went through many many challenges, our hopes were up and down, but Rosalind and Eddie kept talking with us, working side by side keeping our hopes up and constantly on top of everything.

Bless them they are wonderful.

If we had it to do all over again we would use Credit Security Group in a heartbeat. CSG pulled us through and now we are in the Parkside home that we love thanks to all the hard work that was done in such a small amount of time.

Thanks again,

Cesar and Pamela C.
Crosby, Texas