I first heard about Credit Security Group from a friend who recommended that I use their service to improve my credit score. I was unsure if this would be the right thing for me.

My goal was to buy a house and I needed my scores to jump up in a hurry. They went right to work for me and always kept me informed about the progress of my case.

They not only increased my scores well above my target number, they also taught me the rules to the credit game. I am not quite sure what is more important, the higher scores or the knowledge to maintain those scores. Now I have the credit score to buy my house and the ability keep those scores high from now on.

What more can I say? These guys are GREAT and I have been lucky to have them work for me. We established an 8 month plan to get my target credit scores. They had me 50+ points over my target in 4 months. If getting your scores higher is a priority for you, there is no need to look any further . Their system WORKS!

I stand by the work that CSG does because it really worked for me. I strongly recommend them for anyone who needs to get their credit scores higher. With their help, I went from being a renter to a home owner . Thanks to Eddie and his wonderful staff at CSG.

Brandon B.
Austin, Texas