Credit Scores

Let’s Talk Credit

Tim Arrowood of Peoples Home Equity had a great idea for his referrers during the lockdown: a Real Estate Quarantine School. He invited Eddie to talk about credit today and was kind enough to let us post the talk here. Our Senior Credit Analyst Mike Garcia has been advising Tim’s referrals for many years. Tim…

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How to Protect Your Credit Score

Most people don’t know how 
the system works, and that’s often why scores go down when difficult decisions are made in difficult times. View/Download as PDF Credit advice for difficult times For the last 16 years, we’ve advised lenders and borrowers on credit scores and how the system works – to help people increase their…

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What does the new FICO Score 10 mean to you?

Different lenders use different score models for different lending decisions. FICO’s newly announced FICO® Score 10 Suite is getting a lot of attention and news coverage. Let’s cut to the chase: What does this new score model mean to you now? Short term answer for all borrowers: “Nothing.” Medium term answer for all borrowers: “Maybe,…

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