Get your Monthly FICO® 3-bureau credit report at this link. Be sure to click on the Monthly and not the Quarterly product.

First things first:

  1. The first score you see is not your Mortgage score. The first scores you see on your Dashboard are FICO 08 scores. FICO 08 scoring models are NOT used in mortgage lending. Ignore them.
  2. While you are using this monitoring service you will get frequent alerts on “Score Changes”. These alerts are, again, for changes to the FICO 08 Scoring models, not the mortgage models, so just ignore them also.

This often confuses people – we get calls all the time: “My score is different!” and “I got a new alert!” This is all irrelevant to your mortgage credit report and scores.

At myFICO™ you will pay for three-bureau monitoring and, most importantly, you will get your mortgage FICO® Scores each month as a part of your subscription. No inquiries will be put on your credit report. 

There is no other way for consumers to get FICO® mortgage scores outside a hard inquiry from a lender. And a hard inquiry can lower your score.

When you get the reports/scores, you will get 10 FICO scores for each bureau. The first scores you see on the site, on the Dashboard, are FICO 08 scores.  FICO 08 scoring models are NOT used in mortgage lending. 

To See Your Mortgage Scores

Go to the tab “Scores” and click on each bureau. Then scroll down to see the second score in the list.  These are the mortgage scores. You will see the note:  “Commonly Used in Mortgage Lending.” 

These scores are called FICO 2 for Experian, FICO 5 for Equifax and FICO 4 for TransUnion.

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