I can’t say “Thank you!” enough! The thought of cleaning up my credit has been in the back of my mind for years, and contacting a service has always frightened me because of the many stories of disreputable companies. So, when Bill Rapp of CDM Mortgages recommended Reggie Rice and Credit Security Group, I felt these guys must be legitimate.

I had let my credit score go from 750 to 500, and unchecked for 7 years following a divorce in 1998 that put $100k plus on unsecured lines of credit without any possibility of repayment. These credit lines went into collection, judgments, charge offs, and factoring companies. The lines were passed from company to company, all of which posted anew on my credit reports – some lines were listed three and four times on the three major credit reporting agencies! I was turned down for credit cards from every major issuer – so embarrassing. I was paying cash or just not buying anything.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Credit Security Group. I started with a score in the low 500s and several pages of adverse credit lines listed in each of the three credit bureaus. The task was overwhelming. After discussing the items in detail for more than an hour with Reggie Rice, I could see the possibilities. The possibility of good credit again was real!

In just six months, Credit Security Group and Reggie Rice have surpassed the estimated 50 point credit score increase originally suggested with a whopping 160 point score increase! I now have just under a 700 average score. Best of all, lenders are offering me rates of 6.65% on mortgage loans again! I will refinance my home this year, saving $400 per month just from corrections made to my credit scores.

I am not finished, but this is a fantastic start! I highly recommend Credit Security Group and Reggie Rice. Thanks, Reggie Rice and Credit Security Group. Thanks, Bill Rapp for the recommendation. A great burden has been lifted and it feels great!


Austin, Texas