I was referred to Eddie by one of my friends, who is also an client of Eddie. I have to tell you, I was a little skeptical at first. You hear all kinds of people talking about cleaning up your credit on the radio.

I received a call at work from an creditor, who was threatening that they would sue me or garnish my wages.

I was told to call Eddie and see what he can do for me. At this point, I was terrified.

So, I called Eddie and told him my situation. He calmed me down and explained to me what I needed to do. I filled out the necessary paperwork needed for Eddie to help me. I still received some calls from the creditor, but Eddie reassured me that this wold be taken care of.

Eddie called me and told me that he had a friend that could help me. I received a call from an attorney that specialized in the situation I was in. He gave me some steps to follow. I followed everything he told me. With the help of Eddie and the attorney, the phone calls stopped.

With the help of Eddie, my husband and I have been able to buy two new cars and are hoping to get an house. All from a phone call from a friend. Eddie has taught me to not let these kinds of people scare me and also on how important credit can be. I definitely would recommend Eddie to any family member or friend.


Diana R.