Where do I begin… We began our hunt for a new home in May 2015 and had no idea what we would be up against! This should be an exciting time, right?!

We had our struggles in years past due to an unknown layoff that caused us to lose a lot and it has continued to haunt us years later. We thought our best bet would be to hire a company to help us ” clean ” up those hardships off our credit reports, dispute items we disagreed with and this should get us to the point we needed to be to qualify for a home. Yea, we went this route, and WOW were we wrong!

We applied for a mortgage and started this process. We thought we were on the right path. Boy were we wrong!

This company, who were suppose to be the ” experts” did nothing but delay our dream, damage our reports & tick off creditors even more! This went on for months, many thousand dollars later, many tears and let downs! We had worked so hard to do right and rebuild, how could this be? We paid all our current bills on time!

Then, our mortgage lender, Mike Bartman with Oak Mortgage called me and said, ” I don’t do this often, but I know someone whom I really trust. This guy Eddie does what he says, and I see results. He is the only one who I have seen over my many years really help my clients in your situation.”

He said, just give him a call. So, we did. That day.

I was skeptical, very, but at this point what do we have to lose? Months had gone by, our home we wanted was in arms reach and we just couldn’t make it happen!

Let me tell you, we had one of the most challenging scenarios ever seen due to a credit bureau not wanting to do what they had to do by law. This was not a simple task folks, many phone calls, emails, back and forth with Eddie and his team of experts!

He put in a plan of action, and it was EXECUTED perfectly! We closed on our home a few months later, in January 2016.

This would not have been possible without the assistance from Eddie and his team. We are so grateful for his expertise and patience.

Between our lender and Eddie who can navigate thru any bad situation, and with grace we would recommend Eddie and his team to anyone trying to buy a home or who needs a true expert in credit and how it works. It opened our eyes to many things we never knew!

The Mitchell Family