Thank you again for quickly analyzing my personal credit profile.

You immediately recognized the problem areas, which were not the areas I suspected were the biggest problems. You devised a simple but detailed strategy to properly fix my credit.

I was amazed. I was impressed, even prior to speaking with you personally, with the video Credit Security Group provided. I watched the video three times. Within a couple minutes of watching I could tell there was valuable information being given in a simple way.  Very easy to understand.

I’m a college grad educated professional but I had been taken advantage of by all the misleading information on credit reports and scores by companies who charged large sums but did not ever really give the honest, behind the scenes look at how FICO scores really work.

I spent thousands with several attempts at resolving my credit issues with no success. I learned more in five minutes of your video than I had learned from all my previous mistakes.

I had the great fortune to be referred to you by a very trusted mortgage broker and also trusted real estate agent. They both ensured me that if Eddie says he can do something with your credit profile he will do it. They were both accurate with their referral.

I got a great plan of action specifically designed for my unique situation. I’m still stunned by the amount of knowledge and work / advice I received.

Thank you again, Credit Security Group.


Rob S.
Dallas, Texas