I am writing this letter to share what I consider the best money I ever spent.

My wife and I had been forced into a bankruptcy due to a major illness for which she lost a $40,000 a year job without warning. Like most people we were living pay check to paycheck at the time and the loss of income devastated us.

After the bankruptcy we felt like slugs no one would talk to us or even consider credit not even for a car unless we wished to pay 20+%. We did however speak to a mortgage broker who told us about Credit Security Group and Eddie Johansson.

We talked to Eddie and were skeptical at first especially considering the amount of money it would cost to fix our credit. I was very uneasy and suspicious by nature I have retired after 24+ years with a major police department in Texas. I spoke to Eddie personally and felt confident it wasn’t a scam and that he could help us.

Eddie and his company delivered all that was promised and more within a couple of months several serious inaccuracies were corrected on our credit report and a month later we were able to purchase a car at an acceptable rate. Two months later we bought our new home for retirement at a 7% mortgage and traded our car for a new one at a going rate. I honestly would and have recommended this service to all who were in a similar situation.

Like is said in the beginning: the best money I ever spent.

Thank you Eddie.

Ed B.

Houston, Texas