Credit Security Group Client Testimonials

Real words from real people, real families accomplishing their goal, realizing their dream, gaining peace of mind.

Credit Security Group: “our score increased by nearly 40 points in less than 60 days!”

Jan 15, 2018

I first met Eddie when my wife and I were looking to buy a house but needed help boosting our credit score. I’ve tried other credit help solution companies with little to no improvement on my credit score, but this experience was like no other. Not only Eddie but his entire team were knowledgeable, helpful,…

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Credit Security Group: “was a lifesaver for me.”

Jan 15, 2018

Credit Security Group was a lifesaver for me. I came to them not knowing what to do with my current credit score as far as buying a house. Eddie went above and beyond to help ease my anxiety, answer all my questions and he led me and my husband in the right direction. Sherron W.…

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Credit Security Group: “I saved many thousands of dollars thanks to them”

Oct 18, 2017

When I first started getting serious about buying my first home, a family member suggested I contact Credit Security Group. Their analyst said my credit score was good enough to get a home loan, but just barely, and not a good loan in terms of interest, down payment and mortgage insurance requirement. They said if…

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Credit Security Group: “doing great things to help change the lives of people”

Oct 17, 2017

Thanks so much for all of your help and support! You and your company are doing great things to help change the lives of people! Joseph S. Carrollton, Texas

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Educated Us on How Credit Works

Jun 11, 2017

Eddie, I cant ever thank you enough. We have been homeless for 2 years. After having to leave a rent home due to mold, we decided that we needed to buy a home. For a year, we tried to fix our credit ourselves. I am thankful that you guys were put in my path. The…

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“someone who truly cared and advocated for us and our family”

Feb 15, 2017

There are no words to express our gratitude for you and your company. We have spent years trying to clear up our credit with attorneys who offered empty promises ($3,000 spent) and credit companies that charged us thousands of dollars only to find out they hindered us more than anything. Since 2007 my husband and…

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“I am absolutely amazed at the results!”

Dec 30, 2016

I am absolutely amazed at the results!  Your team accomplished more in ten days than any other agency has been able to accomplish with ten times the time requirements!!  Not to mention that Credit Security Group accomplished what others termed impossible. I’ve been dealing with these issues since April.  We first spoke on Dec. 19, 2016 and…

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“increased my credit score by over 80 points!”

Dec 30, 2016

Eddie was an absolute joy to work with – a credit angel. It started with his very informative credit video. He has figured out exactly how this credit game works and more importantly, shared his wealth of knowledge. Eddie was aware of my credit score goals and in a matter of two weeks, increased my credit…

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“a very bright light at the end of the tunnel”

Dec 14, 2016

When my husband suggested that we work with Eddie at Credit Security Group, to say I was skeptical would be an understatement.  Not only did I think that we wouldn’t learn anything we didn’t already know (i.e., that we needed to pay down our debt), but I was very angry with my husband that we were…

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“Trustworthy, honest, dedicated and the best!”

Oct 6, 2016

What a team!  I not only got a house, but their work will have cost me nothing in the end. I want to thank Rosalind and her team of experts, including Federal Attorney Dennis McCarty, for helping me improve my credit score so that my family and I were able to close on our new…

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“such a big difference in our lives!”

Sep 27, 2016

I would like to highly recommend Eddie Johansson for assisting with credit planning. My husband and I had let our debts get out of control a few years ago. We felt helpless and didn’t know where to start or how to get the help and counseling we needed. A friend had told us about Eddie…

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“Up 160 Points! BOOM.”

Sep 15, 2016

Up 160 Points! BOOM. After receiving Eddie’s name and number from a friend and former happy client, I sadly drug my feet for about three months. With my daughter’s looming college tuition coming quickly, I decided to give him a call. Completely convinced there was no hope in fixing my credit issues, I met with…

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“Explaining the reasoning behind the numbers”

Sep 6, 2016

I was referred to Eddie by a gentleman who was helping me try and secure a home loan. My friend kept ranting about how wonderful Eddie was, and that Eddie know everything about this. I remembering rolling my eyes and thinking: “Great – I have to pay someone else.” While I did have to pay, it…

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“We couldn’t be happier with the people, process and results”

Aug 16, 2016

After having low credit scores come in between us and a handful of new home opportunities, we started down the path of improving our credit. After a honest conversation with Eddie, we were able to clearly set goals and expectations for the next few months to plan for our new home purchase. In just a…

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“We're sailing in with our home loan now”

Aug 11, 2016

Eddie, Thanks to you and your team, my family will get to move in our new home after a nasty divorce two years ago that destroyed my credit. You took me from a credit score of 570 to 663 in four months, and we’re sailing in with our home loan now at a high 3 interest rate.…

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“Robert's credit shot up 37 points”

Jul 20, 2016

Great News! We received our revised credit update and you were right, Robert’s credit shot up 37 points to 647! We’ve locked in our rate, which is lower than previously indicated due to the increased score; and, our estimated closing date has changed to the 1st week of August. Eddie, thank you so much for…

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“dream becoming reality only because of you and your staff”

Jun 20, 2016

I am beyond excited with results we received with your service! Thank you for making this journey of credit recovery such a breeze! Your video was extremely enlightening, your steps were very clear and your follow up along the way was amazing. I was especially impressed with your beyond-quick response to each and everyone of…

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“saved my retirement and my sanity”

Mar 14, 2016

Eddie Johansson at Credit Security Group is the real deal. Faced with an $80,000 demand letter for an old, forgotten debt from my wife’s failed business, he analyzed my situation and then took the lead in negotiating a settlement with the bank that saved my retirement and my sanity. Harry D. Denver, Colorado

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“feels so good!”

Feb 24, 2016

I’m more than happy with the decision I made to work with Credit Security Group! Work with? Yes, you will be educated and do your part, if you want to achieve the best results. Eddie and his team want you 100% vested in the process. From my first meeting with Eddie I was impressed with…

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“it’s a fantastic and busy time for us”

Feb 16, 2016

Just wanted you to know that we closed on our new home ! Both Joey Fox and LeAnn Smiley at Cendera Funding were wonderful and the same can be said for Chris Minteer and her team at Keller Williams. All worked together as a well-oiled machine providing us with an excellent customer experience. We have…

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“Our three kids now have a backyard to play in”

Feb 11, 2016

Hello, just wanted to let you know that in about 7 months your team got Eugene’s credit score up 100 points. We found a brand new house in August and we just closed yesterday. Thanks to you and the rest of your team. We have been wanting to buy a house for over nine years…

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“I know someone whom I really trust”

Feb 9, 2016

Where do I begin… We began our hunt for a new home in May 2015 and had no idea what we would be up against! This should be an exciting time, right?! We had our struggles in years past due to an unknown layoff that caused us to lose a lot and it has continued…

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“I learned more in five minutes”

Feb 5, 2016

Thank you again for quickly analyzing my personal credit profile. You immediately recognized the problem areas, which were not the areas I suspected were the biggest problems. You devised a simple but detailed strategy to properly fix my credit. I was amazed. I was impressed, even prior to speaking with you personally, with the video…

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“I was amazed.“

Feb 5, 2016

Thank you again for quickly analyzing my personal credit profile. You immediately recognized the problem areas, which were not the areas I suspected were the biggest problems. You conferenced called with me and asked me a couple more questions and then devised a simple but detailed strategy for how I should proceed to properly repair…

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“an excellent education”

Dec 15, 2015

Lance, Thank you for your work. It was an outstanding experience but more importantly an excellent education. Though not where I want to be yet, I know exactly what needs to be done and what the result will be. Feel free to use me as a referral at any time. Christopher D.

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“patient, efficient, and understanding”

Dec 11, 2015

Thanks Eddie and Shelly for helping me out with this dispute and all my other credit issues. You all are professional, patient, efficient, and understanding. Thanks again for everything! Marques F.

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“interest rate went from 8.5 to 3.75!”

Nov 30, 2015

Our interest rate went from 8.5 to 3.75! We are very excited! This has been a long time coming and Credit Security Group is the reason we have been approved to refinance our home. Thank you all so much! Kim B. Whitehouse, Texas

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“we will be closing today”

Oct 22, 2015

Rosalind, Mae and Credit Security Group, Just wanted to say “thank you so much” for all the help that you gave us to get Dr. S’s credit corrected. We were able to get it over the 700 mark, and we will be closing today for a refinance of her home mortgage. Your help was invaluable and…

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“learned so much just in the one hour”

Oct 12, 2015

Eddie, I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for your help on our credit. I think applying for our new home was one of the best steps we could have taken, because it led us to finding your help. I have learned so much just in the one hour of talking with…

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“secure a loan for my new home purchase”

Sep 24, 2015

Mike, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your assistance in correcting my credit reports. The service you gave me was invaluable and now allows me to move forward and secure a loan for my new home purchase. Thank you, thank you again! Y. Gonzales

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“such a burden I had carried for so long”

Sep 21, 2015

I was so impressed with the Credit Security Group team for the work they put into helping me improve my credit scores. So many times, the process can be daunting and I felt overwhelmed by feeling like I was taking steps in the wrong direction. Admittedly, I was a bit apprehensive about having someone help,…

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“saved my family's loan”

Sep 9, 2015

I was in need of a rapid change in my score for my mortgage. After hiring several companies with no results, I came upon Credit Security Group. They brought me into the fold as if I was a lost family member meeting them for the first time. They assessed my situation, through careful delineation of…

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“our first home!”

Aug 28, 2015

I want to extend my wife’s and my gratitude. You gave us fantastic advice, which guided us to our goal. We are signing our purchase papers tomorrow morning on our first home! Thank you so much, we truly could not have succeeded without your help! Ryan and Alison J. Flowermound, Texas

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“getting in a house very soon”

Jul 2, 2015

Rosalind, Thank you SO much! We look forward to getting in a house very soon. You and your company did a great job for us! You guys ROCK! Blessings, Randy H. Flint, Texas

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“information about my credit report and scores that I never knew”

Jun 22, 2015

Purchasing a home can be stressful all on its own, especially if you’re credit is not where it needs to be. I was referred to Eddie with Credit Security Group by my lender. Prior to meeting with Eddie, I was asked to watch a FICO video. The video was very informative and provided information about…

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“professional and fast”

Jun 18, 2015

Credit Security Group (Lance Stewart and Shelly Garcia) are the best! They help me to remove a dispute in my credit report and they did it professional and fast. I recommend them a lot! Rodolfo M. Houston, Texas

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“how to positively impact my credit”

Jun 10, 2015

Lance and his team at Credit Security Group worked quickly to correct my issues. He exceeded all expectations I had with the results my wife and I received. He was very professional and I was able to learn a lot from him moving forward on how to positively impact my credit. Craig E. Washington, Texas

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“The impossible was beat!”

Jun 2, 2015

Dear Credit Security Group, I am beyond grateful for all of the hard work and dedication by the team in restoring my credit. They are organized, knowledgeable and always went over and beyond to keep me informed with the status of my account. CSG raised my credit score from 516-640 in 45 days. YES, 45…

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"I really can see a light at the end of the tunnel."

May 11, 2015

Thank you so much for your time, patience, and advice during this very challenging moment in my life.  After speaking to you, I really can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  After our conversation, I was encouraged and had the information I needed. I am so looking forward to working more closely…

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“I can't believe it.”

May 4, 2015

Murdock ran my credit and my scores are 785! Up from 675! I can’t believe it. He has my print out if he hasn’t emailed it to you. Thank you thank you! Lindsey H. Dallas, Texas

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“helping us to purchase our dream home.”

May 1, 2015

Many thanks to Credit Security Group for helping us to purchase our dream home. Eddie is extremely knowledgeable and has superior communication skills. He was very clear and accurate  in exactly what needed to be done on our end and Eddie jumped through hoops to make sure all deadlines were met! We had only two…

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“The information is fresh, relevant”

Apr 24, 2015

I have been a CPA for almost 40 years. Each year I have to complete at least 40 hours of formal training on various financial and/or accounting topics. Over my career, it is safe to say I’ve completed over 2000 hours of formal training courses. The video you have on how FICO scores work would…

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“very grateful for their help and for my new home!”

Apr 15, 2015

I was in the process of purchasing a home, when I learned that a $20 bill from five years ago had tanked my credit score. I contacted Credit Security Group, and within one week, they were able to raise my credit score by more than 150 points allowing me to secure a mortgage. I am…

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“able to close escrow last Friday on the home”

Apr 8, 2015

Mike, I was able to close escrow last Friday on the home. It wasn’t easy but its done. This was nowhere near possible before I came to you. A huge thanks to you and Shelly for all your hard work getting my credit where it needed to be. I will send anyone who needs credit…

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“now qualify for a lower rate loan and lower mortgage insurance”

Mar 23, 2015

My mortgage lender suggested I talk with Credit Security Group for advice on how to increase my credit scores. I met with Eddie from CSG and after getting some great advice on how best allocate my resources to address specific areas, my scores jumped an average of 34 points in just six weeks! I now…

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“changed my life”

Mar 7, 2015

I have been working on settling all my debts for nearly 6 years. I was hoping the derogatory accounts would eventually go away over time but my bad credit was preventing me from buying a home. I had accounts that I thought were settled because I had received notice that the debts had been forgiven…

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“able to refinance my vehicle”

Feb 11, 2015

I want to thank you for helping me increase my credit score! Because of this, I was able to get two major credit cards in my name and also refinance my vehicle. I will definitely recommend your company for anyone that is looking to raise their credit score. Again thank you very much! Todd M.…

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“lightning fast improvement to my credit”

Jan 30, 2015

Thank you for the lightning fast improvement to my credit. You told me exactly what to do and my scores increased even higher than you guaranteed. Thank you again! Caleb O. Dallas, Texas

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“I knew exactly what to expect”

Dec 8, 2014

Just wanted to take a second to tell you guys how much I appreciate the work you have done with our Discover settlement. The process was pretty simple and every question I had was answered so that I knew exactly what to expect. Everyone in your office was extremely professional and knowledgeable. And of course the…

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“got exactly what we had hoped for”

Dec 4, 2014

Credit Security Group is an A+! These guys really know the credit system! First I was given a thorough education into how the credit scoring process works. Then, we looked at my credit score paperwork together and every detail was wonderfully broken down in a way I could understand it. From this meeting we had…

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